Feasibility Studies 

Need to expand, but you don't know where to start? Arcorp Structures has extensive experience in working with Municipalities, Police & Fire Stations and Private Building Owners looking to expand and or retrofit their existing space. Our feasibility studies will provide you with an in depth experience that will offer you the necessary components such as an impact analysis, technical/engineering analysis, risk analysis, economic analysis,, and a financial  analysis. Our studies require a high level of mathematical understanding in economics and an understanding in construction, fiance, and engineering. Arcorp Structures only works with the best partners in each respective industry.


A.D.A. Compliance

The ADA law is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities and ensures access to all public accommodations. Furthermore, it states that all public buildings, government offices and privately owned, publicly used buildings including stores and restaurants must comply with the ADA law. Arcorp Structures can help insure your business isn’t a liability. We will work with you to provide handicap modifications to make your business compliant. Some of the ADA services provided are:

  • Curb ramps
  • Exterior ramps hand rails
  • Restroom upgrades
  • Break room facility upgrades
  • Building access

Prefabricated Steel Building Structures 

We know metal buildings. It is due to Arcorp's integrated steel building management approach that the customer is not caught short, which happens all too often in the construction industry. Proactively, our staff works in conjunction with engineers, estimators and architects, communicating with each other at every step throughout the metal building construction process to ensure that everything remains on track. When required, Arcorp works with suppliers who supply Commercial Steel buildings that are AISC-MB and or IAS Certified.

Project Management

To achieve the desired out come on every project, the Project Management department relies on a team of experienced engineers and skillful professionals throughout all phases of the project – Planning, Execution, Delivery and Erection.   [Planning] Upon award of a project to Arcorp Structures, we assign a Project Engineer and a Project Manager to handle all technical and commercial matters associated with the project from inception to completion. At the outset of the project, the Project Engineer prepares a base schedule defining all milestones and activities and identifies major subcontractors and special requirements taking into consideration the size and complexity of the project and specifications/work scope.   [Execution] Project Management communicates the project requirements (schedule, specifications and scope) to all other departments within Arcorp such as Purchasing, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality Control and Finance. Throughout the execution phase, the Project Engineer proactively monitors, controls and reports the progress of the project including material procurement, engineering, subcontracting, etc., and any associated variations to satisfy customer needs using the latest versions of Project Management Software.   [Delivery and Site Coordination] Prior to starting shipment of any material to the construction site, the Project Management team assigns a Site Support Coordinator to assist the Project Engineer in providing service to Arcorp customers. The Site Support Coordinator makes site visits throughout this phase of the project and communicates customer needs to the Project Engineer ensuring efficient and timely response. When erection is in Arcorp's scope of work, the Site Support Coordinator acts as a liaison between Arcorp's Site Engineer and the Project Engineer to assist in satisfying all customers and erection subcontractors needs at the site.

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Structural Steel 

Arcorp Structures has completed various projects and works in conjunction with structural engineers to provide with with steel joist and beams that are required on your project, Send us your plans and we'll help you with every step of the way. 

Structural & Ornamental Services & Capabilities

We can help you with your most complex steel projects. We have worked with  some of the most complex projects in the US including schools, hospitals, and many other Government & Private Sector projects.